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Engines and transmissions come with a 30 day industry standard warranty, but only if stated by salesman during time of sale. Not all products are covered by this warranty, and could be sold as-is. Labor time is not covered in any fashion, at any time, on any part. Engine warranty cover: block, all internal parts of the block, cylinder head, head gasket. Other seals or gaskets are not covered. In a few cases, intake manifolds, sensors, harnesses, or other miscellaneous items on the engine or transmission may need to be exchanged. Engine itstallations are required to add fresh high quality motor oil, correct oil weight, and proper oil filter.
Transmissions we do not recommend draining fluid or replacing transmission filter for the first 30 days, or warranty may be voided. Only add more fluid as needed. Certain makes and models are required that the customer use dealer only fluid when adding. Proof of fluid purchase is required if warranty claim is pursued. If part received is defective, before removal, immediately contact sales staff. If part is removed before sales staff is contacted then the warranty is null and void. Please call (405) 632-7888 is you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy.


Color of body parts are never guaranteed in any situation, and may not be returned for this reason. If a body part's damage and condition has been stated prior or during sale, part is not returnable unless otherwise permitted by management. In this situation a restocking fee will be charged. Picture of all parts are always available before sale is complete, and is recommended, especially for parts being shipped out of state.


All mechanical parts are covered by our 30 day warranty. If there are any issues with the part received, please contact the sales staff as soon as the problem is discovered. Parts are guaranteed to function as they are made to do. To ensure correct and proper fit, part number from original part, or VIN number of vechile is required.


All electrical / electronic parts are sold as is unless otherwise stated on your invoice. These items (i.e. Radios, ECU/BCM, distributors, sensors, electrical harnesses, air bag modules, speedometers) rarely come with a warranty. We will never sale electrical parts that we clearly know that are bad. We stand by the integrity of our word, and will never sell parts we know are not functional.


New parts are warrantied for 30 days, and guaranteed to fit to the speciifications of OEM part as long as proper vehicle information was given at time of sale. New parts are only refundable if part received is broken, not functional due to part failure, or incorrect part was given.(ONLY if mistake was on behalf of office personnel)


Shipping charges are never and will never be refundable unless approved by management, regardless if part has failed, or mistake was made. This is the risk taken on behalf of the customer when purchasing used auto parts. Additional charges may be charged in the occurrence of the following: incorrect address information, customer claiming address is commerical zone when in fact it is residential, if additional special services are requested on behalf of the customer to shipping company, if shipping company is required to make multiple trips. Also, pallet and handling fees may be incurred or charged and are in no fashion refundable even if part is defective or incorrect.


If you see that we have a part online that you would like, please contact us with your car information such as make, model and year, along with the part stock number. This helps ensure proper fit to your vehical.


If you buy a part you do not need, cannot use, or turns out not to be the problem, it cannot be returned or exchanged for a credit or other parts, unless approved by management.

No returns or exchanges are excepted if a receipt is not provided.

If a credit card is used for payment, there is a convenience fee that will be added. If your card is physically present at time of sale, a charge of $2.00 for every hundred will be charged. If your card information is taken over the phone or via fax, a charge of $2.00 for every hundred will be charged. This charge is not refundable for any reason regardless of any issue. We do not accept American Express.

All parts must be installed by a qualified mechanic, if to be covered by a warranty. Shade tree mechanics do not qualify.

As soon as part is discovered to be incorrect, improper, broken, damaged, malfunctioning, or bad, contact us immediately before removal.

No excuses.

No Checks (Unless Preapproved) / No CODs / No Purchase Orders

We do not respect or respond to attitude, acting inappropriate, speaking profanely, or threats. Give respect, and we will give the best quality customer service.

If you have any concerns, questions, statements, or comments, please do not hesitate to ask our staff. We would gladly clarify any questions you have, and help you understand any and all warranty policies.

I understand all terms & conditions of this sale & know that this salvage yards has its own rules & different policies for each part type. Not all parts are sold with a warranty & also may not be refunded, returned, exchanged, or credited.

I understand that if a part is considered to be refundable that it may incur a restocking fee of 25 % percent or minimum of $15.00.

I understand that shipping costs are never refundable in any fashion, and I am liable for return shipping if for any reason it is warranted. It is understood that if any freight company is used for your shipping process, you must be able to remove items & be present at time of truck arrival. It is agreed that if excess shipping costs are incurred charges will automatically be paid by receiver if found at fault or if two trips are required on your behalf. If your package is damaged before accepting item, call us immediately. Seller are not liable for damage during shipping process.

I understand that there is a credit card convenience charge of $2 for every $100 you spend. This charge is not refundable in any fashion. I am the true & legal authorized owner of the this credit card & agree to this transaction.

I fully understand what it is I am purchasing & confirm that all information provided is correct.

All above statements are the general practice of this salvage yard, and certain items and situations, will have special terms, services, warranties, or requirements. Please read and understand any and all conditions that may apply to your transactions with us. We thank you for your business and look forward to fulfilling your needs as best we can.

If you have any Questions Please Call: (405) 632-7888